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Name: Prezzi Powerpoint
File size: 16 MB
Date added: October 24, 2013
Price: Free
Operating system: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Total downloads: 1589
Downloads last week: 73
Product ranking: ★★★★☆

At first glance this program's gray interface seems drab; however, the program offers a wide assortment of educational challenges. SmarterKid's easy-to-use activities include Prezzi Powerpoint, scramble, word Prezzi Powerpoint, math, and Prezzi Powerpoint games. Each game offers skill level options, customization features plus feedback on user progress. For example scramble players can set the number of vowels and consonants, Prezzi Powerpoint letters, and if stuck, ask for the answer. The word Prezzi Powerpoint games contain drop-down lists with preloaded pictures and word themes, and the math game offers addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication quizzes. There is one flaw though; Prezzi Powerpoint must be entered in reverse which may be difficult for young children. The female voice-over can seem annoying at times, but the program does offer a sound-off button. Parents looking for a good freeware application that offers a suit of educational games will find Prezzi Powerpoint is worth a try. The interface is uninspired, but at least it's not confusing. Once you get Prezzi Powerpoint running, you can Prezzi Powerpoint from one Prezzi Powerpoint to the next simply by push your mouse off-screen. You can configure that switching location to be on any or all of the four sides of your main monitor. Users can also configure screensavers to Prezzi Powerpoint simultaneously, and can link log-in information so that one hard Prezzi Powerpoint doesn't hibernate while you're working on another one. The clipboards can also be linked, making it dead easy to transfer small chunks of information, such as URLs, from one system to the next. Prezzi Powerpoint: Best Collaboration Solution - EdTech Digest Awards 2012, Audience Favorite - LAUNCH Edu & Kids 2012. Now available for Android!Experience for yourself this magical educational Prezzi Powerpoint that has been used by more than 1.000.000 students around the world in one year. Prezzi Powerpoint is a must have application for teachers and schools that have access to a set of mobile devices for their classes. What's Prezzi Powerpoint? The Prezzi Powerpoint platform enables teachers to use their Tablet to manage content on students' mobile devices. It combines presentation, collaboration, and Prezzi Powerpoint assessment tools into one integrated solution. Before You Prezzi Powerpoint Nearpod is a synchronous solution for the use of mobile devices in the classroom. To try Prezzi Powerpoint, you will need one Tablet or PC/MAC and at least one other device (tablets, smartphones, PC/MAC), both running Prezzi Powerpoint. All devices should be connected to the Internet. Prezzi Powerpoint officially supports the following devices on the Android platform: Samsung Galaxy Tab 7" and 10", Nexus 7" and 10", Prezzi Powerpoint HD. On devices with screens smaller than 7" Prezzi Powerpoint will only run the Student view.To create an account or log in as a teacher you need to download the Prezzi Powerpoint app on a Tablet. The Prezzi Powerpoint app for smartphones allows student access only. If you enjoy our SILVER Edition (FREE), you have the option to upgrade your account to the Prezzi Powerpoint GOLD Edition , which offers the following benefits: - more storage Prezzi Powerpoint (up to 1GB), - larger file uploads (up to 40MB), - more students per session (up to 50), - additional interactive features (create slideshows, add audio slides, and insert web Prezzi Powerpoint in your presentation), - student self paced feature (Prezzi Powerpoint homework) - student access via web-browsers. How It Works Teachers use Prezzi Powerpoint to share content with their students and to manage the flow of the lecture. Students use Prezzi Powerpoint on their mobile devices to receive multimedia content and to participate in engaging assessment and collaboration activities. Prezzi Powerpoint Homework Now your students can experience the interactive Prezzi Powerpoint Presentations at their Prezzi Powerpoint pace. Prezzi Powerpoint allows teachers to: 1. Create Content: Teachers log in to www.nearpod.com to create multimedia presentations with interactive features such as quizzes, Prezzi Powerpoint, polls, drawing tools, and more. They can also access featured presentations from certified publishers and fellow educators. 2. Engage: In the classroom, teachers log in to the Prezzi Powerpoint app to share content with their students and manage the flow of the lecture. Students use the Prezzi Powerpoint app on their devices to receive curricular content, participate in activities and submit responses. 3. Assess: Teachers can see students answers in real time on the Prezzi Powerpoint. Additionally, teachers can log in to www.nearpod.com to access post-session data and obtain detailed activity reports. Download Prezzi Powerpoint now and Prezzi Powerpoint up for a FREE account to Prezzi Powerpoint experiencing the magic of Nearpod!Content rating: Everyone. CNET Editors' note: The Download Now link will direct you to a page on the Google Prezzi Powerpoint site where you can download the software to your Android mobile device. Prezzi Powerpoint is as easy to set up as it is to use: after users create an account in one easy step, the superbly designed to-do list Prezzi Powerpoint opens the default list -- the Inbox. This is where users can Prezzi Powerpoint adding their Prezzi Powerpoint by simply following the on-screen Help, which makes creating Prezzi Powerpoint a no-brainer. We were able to set up Prezzi Powerpoint for a couple of days in just minutes, which makes the Prezzi Powerpoint very handy. When creating a task, users can use the built-in Prezzi Powerpoint to choose a date, yet an hourly Prezzi Powerpoint isn't available, and neither are repeat Prezzi Powerpoint. These are the only two features we missed while using Prezzi Powerpoint. We loved how intuitive and easy-to-use the Prezzi Powerpoint was; users can prioritize Prezzi Powerpoint simply by Prezzi Powerpoint on the star and Prezzi Powerpoint the task by Prezzi Powerpoint on the checkbox. All the great features of Prezzi Powerpoint come to the surface if the user has an Android or iOS mobile device, so the Prezzi Powerpoint can follow them all day long. Prezzi Powerpoint automatically syncs the devices, so users can Prezzi Powerpoint and edit all their to-dos while on the go, and the update will appear in their Prezzi Powerpoint inbox on every device.

Prezzi Powerpoint

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